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Basseterre, St. Kitts und Nevis :: Schiffsmitarbeiter begrüßen zur Eröffnungsfeier des fünftägigen Besuches Gäste an Bord der Logos Hope

Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis :: Volunteers welcome guests on board for a formal ceremony to officially open the ship's five-day visit to the island.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: A team from Logos Hope sees God work when an unexpected change in plans brings them to a small church.

Santo Domingo, Dominikanische Republik :: Ein Team von der Logos Hope erlebt, dass Gott wirkt, als sie in einer kleinen Gemeinde eine unverhoffte Planänderung erwartete.

The perfect method (29-Sep-2017)

A MDT trainee puts what she has learned into practice as she teaches German to an Egyptian immigrant in Switzerland.

Deeper into the mountain (28-Sep-2017)

An OM worker and local team of believers visit indigenous Cabecar communities in the mountains of Talamanca, Costa Rica.

Embracing kingdom impact (28-Sep-2017)

Throughout the history of the movement, OM has encouraged the formation of many new organisations.

An OMer sharing the gospel at a police station in Turkey is asked to return and carry on the conversation.

Du bist etwas Besonderes (26-Sep-2017)

Santo Domingo, Dominikanische Republik :: Bei einer Veranstaltung für gehörlose Schüler an Bord ermutigen Schiffsmitarbeiter die Kinder dazu, dass sie ihre Identität an ihrem Schöpfer festmachen.

You are special (26-Sep-2017)

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: Crewmembers encourage deaf youth to find their identity in their Creator during an onboard event for deaf schools.

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