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Inner freedom (04-Aug-2017)

OM Associate International Director Viv Thomas discusses why freedom in Christ is so important and about how to cultivate that freedom.

Practicing in Paraguay (04-Aug-2017)

Newlyweds work and serve in Paraguay, practicing the ministry model they hope to follow in Montenegro next year.

A glimpse of heaven (03-Aug-2017)

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Logos Hope makes her inaugural visit to Freeport, following up on sister ship Logos II's time in the port in 2008.

Freeport, Bahamas :: Die Logos Hope besucht zum ersten Mal Freeport, wo ihr Vorgängerschiff Logos II 2008 angelegt hatte

Beautiful Sarajevo (03-Aug-2017)

In the Olympic city of Sarajevo, OM connects with the local people through spaghetti nights, sports, 'smoke breaks' and coffee.

How does TeenStreet, a 25-year-old ministry to youth, fit into OM's new global mission focus?

At the end of April, the second ZOOM national mission conference, with 300 participants from over 80 cities and towns, was held in Warsaw, Poland.

The next ship project (02-Aug-2017)

The vessel that became Logos Hope was purchased in the Faroe Islands. OM’s Ship Ministry has a special place in the hearts of Jesus followers there.

An OMer shares her thoughts on missions.

Clowns mit Botschaft (28-Jul-2017)

Nassau, Bahamas :: Schiffsmitarbeiter in Clownskostümen erklären Kindern, wie Vergebung Beziehungen heilen kann.

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