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After participating in Transform 2016, Hannah shared her experience in several churches and youth groups. This year, her sister came with her.

Third time at Transform! (10-Aug-2017)

"Transform is a fantastic exposure and mobilisation experience which reflects OM’s heart for the least reached. I’m so thankful my story started here," says Nicole, who joined OM full-time after her first Transform in 2013.

Brazil’s mission training programme provides practical experience and cross-cultural knowledge for participants heading overseas.

A children’s ministry programme in Paraguay comes alongside local churches to teach kids about missions.

After only two visits, a man in a small town in western Turkey keeps calling to find out more.

Alle brauchen Vergebung (08-Aug-2017)

Freeport, Bahamas :: Mit einem Anspiel und Beispielen erklärt die Mannschaft den Kindern bei einem Sommercamp der Polizei, dass Gott sich nach einer persönlichen Beziehung zu ihnen sehnt

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Volunteers use a drama and illustrations to teach children at a police summer camp about God's desire for a personal relationship.

Partnering with AIDSLink International, OM seeks to restore hope and dignity to those suffering from the effects of HIV and AIDS.

Sixty-minute world tour (04-Aug-2017)

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Bahamians enjoy learning about different countries through cultural performances during an onboard event.

Freeport, Bahamas :: Menschen aus den Bahamas lernen bei einer Veranstaltung an Bord verschiedene Länder durch kulturelle Darbietungen kennen

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