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Time for transition (15-Jan-2018)

Long-term workers transition from the Near East Field to Germany to serve Syrians and equip churches to reach out to refugees.

Miraculous healing from sudden paralysis gives an OM worker opportunity to preach the gospel in a Muslim community.

OM Serbia runs a big tent providing vital community space for refugees. As well as running Christmas activities, the OM team prepares to take on a new role - the camp laundry. Volunteers needed!

Long-term worker sees fresh stirrings of faith among Muslim communities in the UK.

Kolumbianische Clowns (13-Jan-2018)

Barranquilla, Kolumbien :: Logos Hope-Mitarbeiter üben die internationale Sprache der Pantomime und lernen, wie man als Clown eine Verbindung schafft

Colombian clowns (12-Jan-2018)

Barranquilla, Colombia :: Logos Hope's volunteers speak the international language of mime as they learn how to clown around as a means of connecting.

A look into the backstage team working behind the scenes of The Agency

Kabir left his hometown after being opposed for his faith but surprisingly was called back.

BLOG: Cultural lenses (12-Jan-2018)

"We all look at the world with our different cultural lenses," said OMer Ivy. "However, I feel like I am the only one wearing yellow glasses among people wearing either green or red glasses.

Changing the trajectory (11-Jan-2018)

"Today’s stark reality is that more than 2.8 billion people have not heard this message of hope and transformation—and 57,000 people are added to this number daily. When I heard this, I was deeply impacted, and resolved that I want to be part of changing that trajectory."

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