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Cross-cultural pioneers (19-Jan-2018)

OM team in Hong Kong breaks cross-cultural ground, learning how to reach out to the ethnic minority, largely ignored by the Chinese population.

Using their toolbox (19-Jan-2018)

A couple uses their God-given cultural and evangelistic tools, gained from years spent in the Muslim world, to reach out to Turkish Muslims.

Three teenage refugee boys came on board to experience The Agency and learnt about the God who died for their sins.

A former Afghan fighter discovers Jesus Christ in the Qur’an.

Bibeln und blaue Augen (16-Jan-2018)

Barranquilla, Colombien :: Junge Leute bekommen ihr persönliches Exemplar von Gottes Wort und treffen Ausländer mit für sie ungewohntem Aussehen

Bibles and blue eyes (16-Jan-2018)

Barranquilla, Colombia :: Young people receive a personal copy of God's Word and meet foreigners with physical features they don't often see.

Riverboat community members shared an encouraging evening with refugees, worshipping and studying the Bible together in Arabic.

Bold, Somali believers (16-Jan-2018)

Young Somali believers take bold risks in sharing their faith with their families and community.

My neighbour, my brother (16-Jan-2018)

An act of compassion opens the door for a Zambian worker to share the Gospel with Somalis.

The one true goal of God (15-Jan-2018)

Tillman Klein, facilitator for OM’s Muslim Diaspora Ministry network, shares how work among displaced Muslims reflects God’s heart for all people.

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