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People of OM - Kara (13-Aug-2017)

People of OM: Kara uses her music to tell the story of women in the Middle East.

People of OM - Anne (13-Aug-2017)

People of OM: Anne shares about her dependence on God during her time in North Africa.

Step Out: a Bilingual Missions conference in Asia

30 Jahre später (11-Aug-2017)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Das Bücherschiff kehrt nach Haiti zurück und führt die Arbeit weiter, die Schiffsmitarbeiter dort 30 Jahre zuvor begonnen hatten.

Thirty years on (11-Aug-2017)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: The book ship returns to Haiti to carry on the work crewmembers began 30 years ago.

When a small team decides to focus more on church planting, God brings people into their lives in unusual ways.

The Hope of Israel outreach team visits Yoqneam, a biblical city without a church.

TACO team touches hearts (11-Aug-2017)

The TACO team in Turkey uses creative arts like dance, music, and drama to share the good news with Muslim people groups across the region.

“If we disciple these young people well, they could be the next world changers.” Transform speakers Chris and Judy Smith from South Africa share their hearts for discipling young people and helping them connect with God.

Returning to Transform (10-Aug-2017)

New speakers and new topics made it worthwhile to come back, said Rosie*, who returned to Transform for a second time.

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