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St John's, Antigua und Barbuda :: Einer Besucherin der Logos Hope öffnet das Mithelfen in einer Suppenküche die Augen

The Samaritan woman (13-Oct-2017)

During door-to-door ministry in a small village in South Africa, a woman opens up her house.

An amazing God-given tool to mobilise and inspire people to make a difference: Global Village.

BLOG: Be a safe place (12-Oct-2017)

"This is what I pray as I meet with younger women," shared OMer Beth. "That I can be a safe space for them; that they can trust me, be honest with me and that I can speak God’s truth into their lives. I don’t know all the answers and I can’t heal the brokenness, but I can point them to Jesus who can do all that and more!"

The move (12-Oct-2017)

A third grader, displaced with her family due to conflict in her village, learns about God at MTI's School of Mercy.

Editor Kris speaks to Andrew Berry about the opportunities that exist among least-reached communities across the British Isles.

A French couple attended the Off The GRID discipleship programme in New Zealand, where they learned about missions and God.

A calling confirmed (11-Oct-2017)

Turkey is a 'hot-climate' culture, meaning that people are relationship-oriented rather than task-oriented.

OM workers in Central Asia use technology to develop new discipleship and worship tools for local believers.

A week after Hurricane Irma devastated the island of Barbuda, an OM media team travelled to the Caribbean to tell the story.

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