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Freedom for captives (19-Oct-2017)

At the heart of missions lies a passion for justice. In every community in which OM is involved, working for justice for the oppressed and vulnerable is part of ministry.

The Israel Global Challenge had an average of 23 spiritually significant conversations – each day!

Gambling with souls (19-Oct-2017)

A group singing about Jesus is stopped by the Israeli police in an area where illegal gambling activity is ignored.

A message from the field leader of OM Israel on trusting in God for breakthroughs in ministry.

BLOG: Stewardship (19-Oct-2017)

"Stewardship is understanding that what I have now is not mine, it is for God, and from God, to glorify God," shared OMer Renette. "Things move in the Kingdom, funds move from a donor to a ministry to a community school to a teacher to a vendor at the market to a businessman to a church to a missionary. Nothing stands still in the Kingdom; it moves. Things are temporary but wherever I am and whatever I do, I should do it knowing that it is from God; that I’m taking care of what He has given me and that I will do it with a faithful and grateful attitude."

Long-term follower of Jesus, Nikolay, stepped out in faith to help orphans in Ukraine, and partners with OM in this ministry to children.

St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda :: Logos Hope's volunteers team up with relief workers to offer help and hope to people on hurricane-damaged Barbuda.

St. John's, Antigua und Barbuda :: Logos Hope-Mitarbeiter unterstützen Katastrophenhelfer und bringen Menschen im vom Hurrikan verwüsteten Barbuda Hilfe und Hoffnung

Anna and Sarah knock boldly on brothel doors in Central Europe, requesting permission to speak to the ladies inside.

Inspiration on the menu (13-Oct-2017)

St John's, Antigua and Barbuda :: A visitor to Logos Hope is inspired by helping out at a soup kitchen.

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