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An OM short-termer shares about overcoming the language barrier and sharing the Gospel with teen girls from the war zone at LELA summer evangelism camp in Odessa, Ukraine

TeenStreet organizes a special outreach day in the city of Offenburg, Germany, focusing on art, to express God's love for His world and individuals in it.

Rebecca (UK, 18) has attended TeenStreet (TS) since she was 13 years old. TeenStreet’s Raise and Give (RAG) race first connected Rebecca with Albania. HopefullyWe hope future RAG races will connect other teens with worldwide missions, too.

TeenStreet, OM's youth conference in Germany, is over for this year - but not life with God!

TeenStreet (TS) gathers together over 3,500 participants. While some youth leaders plan TS into the annual church calendar and bring scores of teens with them, other country leaders or home office reps collect individual Christian teens from far-flung corners of their respective nations. For many of these teens, TS is the only place they encounter lots of Jesus followers of the same age.

Everyone needs love (18-Aug-2017)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Children from four orphanages around Port-au-Prince are welcomed on board for a special event planned just for them.

Jeder braucht Liebe (18-Aug-2017)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Kinder aus vier Waisenhäusern um Port-au-Prince kommen zu einer speziell für sie geplanten Veranstaltung an Bord

In Europe’s poorest country, national believers take the lead in meeting needs and equipping compatriots to transform their communities, their country and the world.

Open hearts in Turkey (18-Aug-2017)

Long-term workers in Turkey are seeing openness to the gospel like they haven't in many years. They share some recent stories here.

Seated behind the Italian translator station, you’ll find the smiling face of Alessandro (or Ciqui, as he prefers to be called). Attending his ninth TeenStreet (TS) conference, he looked back to the early days of his life in missions.

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