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Kingston, Jamaica :: Jamaicans participate in a ‘persecuted church’ simulation: a hands-on experience of what believers around the world face when they are persecuted for their faith.

An OM team meets and prays with an injured prostitute who had never encountered the concept of free Grace.

I realized anew how great our God is. The God we serve is not a boring God of one culture, one language, one style of worship.

From OM’s first TeenStreet in 1993, with 56 people, to its 23rd conference in 2016, with about 4,000, TeenStreet inspires teens around the world into true relationship with Jesus.

Finding a Way Home (12-Jun-2017)

Help and healing happens one child at a time

Zeit für Veränderung (09-Jun-2017)

Nach 23 Jahren mit OM im Nahen Osten sind Karl und Bettina nach Deutschland gezogen. Dort treffen sie viele arabische oder kurdische Bekannte und können ihnen von Jesus erzählen.

Just show up (09-Jun-2017)

Kingston, Jamaica :: Thirteen crewmembers connect with people through school visits, a building project and eyesight testing during a one-week outreach in a remote community on the outskirts of Kingston.

Verfügbar sein (09-Jun-2017)

Kingston, Jamaika :: Dreizehn Schiffsmitarbeiter knüpfen in einem abgelegenen Dorf bei Kingston durch Schulbesuche, ein Bauprojekt und Sehtests Kontakte

With the goal of getting more churches involved in ministry in the war zone, OM Ukraine organised a humanitarian trip for church leaders from various denominations to the war zone.

Joy Restored (08-Jun-2017)

Kavita, a HIV positive woman moves from feeling hopeless, weak and empty, to feeling joy, hope and peace with the help of AIDSLink Nepal.

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