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People of OM (02-Feb-2017)

People of OM- Facebook feature

One German OMer in Africa has seen his faith grow on a journey from student to ministry leader.

Lowering the threshold (01-Feb-2017)

OMers in Laos run a coffee shop and work to make it accessible to locals, and especially youth.

The varied teaching styles at Teenstreet Malaysia 2016 helped teens to connect with the theme of discovering their identity.

During the winter break a short camp for the children at Risk was held.

Crew for a Day (31-Jan-2017)

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago :: Local teens participate in an onboard event where they get hands-on experience working in one of the ship’s departments.

Port of Spain, Trinidad und Tobago :: Teens aus der Region arbeiten einen Tag lang in einer Schiffsabteilung mit und sammeln so praktische Erfahrung.

Pray, then act (28-Jan-2017)

Since OM’s beginning, workers have discovered wisdom from above, provision from His hand, protection and open doors through seasons of prayer in seemingly impossible situations.

Just passing through (27-Jan-2017)

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago :: Volunteers play with kids and help with small practical projects at a children's home.

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