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Kid 2 Kid: Tanzania (25-Aug-2017)

Two Sukuma girls in northern Tanzania talk about their daily lives.

A woman from the US has cultivated a love for Turkey and OM ministries there, completing over 25 short-term trips in 31 years.

A baby called Peace (25-Aug-2017)

The local leader of OM’s work amongst one persecuted people group tells the story of God’s work in his life.

As we celebrate OM’s 60th anniversary, we also celebrate using the arts to bridge cultural, language and generational gaps, ultimately enabling God’s people to express His redemptive purpose for mankind.

OM Director's Update from Lawrence Tong, International Director

A short term missions training programme in the Philippines taught participants more about God as well as ministry.

OM Ukraine held a seminar for pastors serving in the war zone in eastern Ukraine

Special delivery (22-Aug-2017)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Crewmembers pray for newborn babies and give out gospel literature and hygiene supplies during a visit to a women’s hospital.

Willkommensgeschenk (22-Aug-2017)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Schiffsmitarbeiter beten für Neugeborene und verteilen in einem Frauenkrankenhaus Bibeln und Hygieneartikel

Heikki drove the nearly 4,000 km from Finland to Transform in Spain on his motorcycle. A Harley-Davidson and a saxophone were useful instruments in God's hands.

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