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Verily, Veritas (30-Aug-2017)

A successful Malawian church planter is digging deeper into biblical discipleship.

Children at risk participated in the kids camp, where they experienced a different sort of living from their everyday existence.

Transform staff Esther Banzi (South Africa) loves to share the needs in Europe with people from the Global South and see them moving into missions.

Man of many hats (30-Aug-2017)

A pastor and OMer in Tanzania is taking initiative in his quest for community transformation.

Kid 2 Kid: Zambia (30-Aug-2017)

Meet Yande, a young girl who does not let anything stop her.

The kids camp for children from unreached peoples in Russia this summer aimed to bring truth to people whose mix of spiritual beliefs range from Buddhism to shamanism and everything in between. In connection with a local church, the OM team saw God's miracles at work, as well as the great need of His love and light.

Trained and certified (25-Aug-2017)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Forty-five Haitians participate in a three-day leadership course on board Logos Hope.

"More than anything else in our mobilisation activities (strategy, finance, people, knowledge), we need God," says Julio Moromisato.

Flower power (25-Aug-2017)

Free flowers are an opportunity to share about God's power and love.

Eighty Arab believers attend training to learn how to share the Bible with their Muslim neighbours.

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