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One Irish family experienced the transforming love of woman at a time.

Launching MDT UK (11-Nov-2017)

An interview with the leaders of MDT UK, an exciting new training programme in Birmingham and London.

Special permission (10-Nov-2017)

Bridgetown, Barbados :: A government minister skips official business for an exceptional event - a visit to Logos Hope.

Logos Hope's Visitor Experience deck creatively engages people with the gospel as local volunteers make the language and cultural barriers obsolete.

The Gospel on The Road (10-Nov-2017)

Again this year, OM hosted an outreach bringing participants together to share the Gospel in 12 cities throughout Pakistan in tribal areas, the country, and the most remote and desert regions.

OM EAST (EurAsia Support Team) will celebrate their 50th anniversary in Stockerau, near Vienna, during the Easter weekend of 2018.

'We had to leave' (08-Nov-2017)

OM writer Ellyn shares firsthand accounts from those who fled for their lives to Bangladesh and now reside with thousands in camps in Cox’s Bazar.

Members of various OM teams in Western Turkey came together to help when disaster struck.

BLOG: Bibles and bullets (08-Nov-2017)

"When I was asked to go on assignment to eastern Ukraine to document the vibrant communities of Christ followers that were growing at astonishing rates despite the ongoing conflict, I, along with many others I talked with, was unaware a conflict even existed in Ukraine," admits OMer Garrett.

A trekking team in Moldova encourages two local believers who have no church and discover they found God through one team member’s father ten years before.

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