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The long-running Africa Trek operates one of OM Africa’s primary evangelism ventures.

Answers for Kapembwa (05-Sep-2017)

With the fishing season going poorly in Kapembwa, Zambia, the people want to know why, and to find the answers, they’ve called in a witch doctor. 

Neue Freunde, neue Wege (01-Sep-2017)

Erlebnisse als Trainee beim Building Bridges Team in Österreich bei der Arbeit unter Migranten.

New Friends, New Ways (01-Sep-2017)

Experiences and encounters as a trainee at the Building Bridges team in Austria, working among immigrants.

Expect the unexpected (01-Sep-2017)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Logos Hope's crewmembers receive a shock when they arrive at a school, ready to fix its roof.

The Samaritan woman (31-Aug-2017)

During door-to-door ministry in a small village in South Africa, a woman opens up her house.

A taste of missions (30-Aug-2017)

The short-term missions team at OM Brazil sees a growing number of youth mobilised to share the gospel abroad and motivate churches at home.

A stitch in time (30-Aug-2017)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: Crewmembers provide hands-on tailoring training and donate five sewing machines to workers from children's home Beraca Haiti.

A fresh wind of the Spirit is blowing from the Global South as the Church awakens to the command to go and make disciples of all nations.

Global crises provide unprecedented opportunities for OM workers to share truth with least-reached people from Syria, Somalia and Sudan.

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