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A new identity in Christ (12-Feb-2018)

Nothing, not even life-long injuries sustained from a car crash, deterred Kamil from his search for God.

Short history of the orphan ministry in Odessa Ukraine

OM Italy organised an art exhibition in December in Pisa to illustrate the issues of personal freedom and highlight sexual trafficking and their role in helping victims.

Showing them another way (09-Feb-2018)

By providing holistic care and support to victims of human trafficking, OM hopes to lead them to freedom in Christ.

All fired up (08-Feb-2018)

Cartagena, Colombia :: Logos Hope's eager new crewmembers must pass fire and water safety tests before they can step aboard.

Let's have a tea party! (08-Feb-2018)

A short-term team help OMers in Montenegro spread God's love by hosting a tea party for forgotten residents of a care home.

Building on generations (08-Feb-2018)

Pressing on through the challenges of their work, one couple has seen God building on generations of home fellowships in Pakistan.

Relationships, mentoring, fun, practical work, spiritual growth and learning to love others are all part of OM Belgium's fACTOR programme.

Es werde Musik! (06-Feb-2018)

Cartagena, Kolumbien :: Ein Orchester, Bands und ein Chor erzählen bei einer Musikveranstaltung gemeinsam mit der Mannschaft der Logos Hope die Geschichte der Schöpfung

Let there be music (06-Feb-2018)

An orchestra, bands and a choir join Logos Hope's crew to tell the story of creation in a special musical event.

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