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Goat times for all (12-Sep-2017)

OM Malawi’s Chiyembekezo School is giving out goats.

An OMer sharing the gospel at a police station in Turkey was asked to return and carry on the conversation.

OM MTI shares the love of Jesus and empowers children and families in Cambodia through English classes that prepare students for future employment.

Safe at sea (09-Sep-2017)

At Sea :: Logos Hope leaves port to get out of the path of Hurricane Irma.

Women in the Near East pray and prepare Bible stories to share with local friends through creative opportunities.

After years of seemingly fruitless ministry, a young church experiences great openness in people they have helped as well as the onlooking community.

Empowered to speak out (06-Sep-2017)

One of OM South Africa’s newest ministries focuses on breaking the cycle of ignorance towards abusive behaviour and abuse-related issues.

Like-minded objectives (05-Sep-2017)

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic :: Minister of Education Andrés Navarro tells volunteers that Logos Hope's objectives mirror those of the country's school curriculum.

In 2009, OM in Africa and Pro Christo merged to greatly expand their ministry reach on the continent.

Coming on the airwaves (05-Sep-2017)

A new OM ministry in Malawi is allowing a local man to serve God through creative and performing arts.

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