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¿Listo Para Trabajar? (20-Mar-2018)

Juan Carlos Suárez, capitán de la Armada Colombiana, quiere vincularse al ministerio de OM compartiendo el evangelio de Jesús con los que no lo conocen. Inició "no oficialmente" durante la visita del barco Logos Hope a Colombia

Patricia de Echeverri, Coordinadora de Personal de OM Colombia, compartió el evangelio en el stand de OM América Latina a bordo del Logos Hope y guió a Cristo a un grupo de scouts junto con sus líderes que visitaron el barco en Cartagena.

Una Nueva Oportunidad (19-Mar-2018)

William, capitán de la Armada Colombiana, llega a los pies de Cristo en stand de OM América Latina a bordo del Logos Hope luego de contar la historia acerca de cómo le dio otra oportunidad de salvar la vida de un bebé y de tener sus propios hijos.

Buying the knife (16-Mar-2018)

"I suppose that’s what I wanted to grasp onto—why I was so quick to buy the knife," shared OMer Andrew. "When I return to America this month, I’m not just taking a bunch of disconnected experiences in a vacuum. I’m taking a completely different outlook on life."

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala :: Junge Männer hören, wie Gott Menschen als Missionare an Bord der Logos Hope gebraucht, die keine Erfolgsgeschichte vorzuweisen haben

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala :: Young men hear how God is using people with unlikely track records in mission service aboard Logos Hope.

Fearless integrity (15-Mar-2018)

An Albanian, who had been trained in OM's Business as Mission (BAM) course, stands out with his upright business standards.

Developing disciples (15-Mar-2018)

OM intentionally disciples Cambodian staff so that they, in turn, can disciple others.

'It feels like a family' (15-Mar-2018)

OM MTI workers teach the Bible and foster a growing community of Jesus followers among a group of factory workers with polio.

God's perfect timing (15-Mar-2018)

David’s role on the Riverboat is to act as a homeless man. In reality, he is acting out a familiar life he used to lead.

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