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Choosing life (21-Nov-2017)

Bridgetown, Barbados :: Logos Hope's crew visits expectant parents at a pregnancy support centre.

BLOG: Aeroplane stories (21-Nov-2017)

"Some of the very best missionary stories happen in aeroplanes. Aeroplanes or aeroports. You know the kind: 'I was 10,000 feet up between _____ and _____, and the Lord allowed me to lead my atheist fellow passenger to Christ.' And then what followed was a mini-revival on flight number AF1234 all because the intrepid Christian blog author got into a discussion about the article he was writing," said OMer Paul.

"Sorry. This is not one of those stories."

After over 10 years of praying, the Philippines had its first-ever TeenStreet!

OM Poland's leader, Arek, had the joy of helping baptise his mother, Janina, in a group of four on 27th August 2017, 'Baptism Sunday', in spite of the circumstances of life.

Woman at the well (21-Nov-2017)

During the outreach in a Tatar village, the team met an old woman near the well. The volunteers helped her and shared the Gospel. It was the first time in her life to hear about Jesus.

A new recording studio aims to bring Central Asian musicians together for collaboration and worship.

Take these three women (20-Nov-2017)

Three Turkish women have discovered the Saviour who loves them through contact with the Bible Correspondence Course in Istanbul, Turkey.

Calling all children (17-Nov-2017)

One OMer’s obedience to God’s plan results in a multiplying and tireless ministry.

Falling for it (17-Nov-2017)

Bridgetown, Barbados :: Schoolchildren fall for the tricks human traffickers could use on them - and are warned of the consequences by a team from Logos Hope.

We ran out of Bibles (17-Nov-2017)

OM Ireland journalist Hannah Rueber volunteered for a school programme and witnessed something truly incredible.

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