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A short-term team from the UK spent two weeks in a very remote old town called Yenisyesk, in the centre of Siberia, where the temperature in the winter can fall to below -50 Celsius.

A Muslim Uzbek woman involved in the occult finds freedom.

Homeless teens join OMer Sasha and others on a cycling trip that changes their lives forever.

A summer on two wheels (16-Aug-2011)

Russian OMer Tanya Lysenko has had an eventful time organising cycle treks with some very different groups of people in Siberia this summer.

After a two-day conference at the OM Russia base in Novosibirsk, a team of Russians, Americans, Poles and an Uzbek set off on a five hour drive to the neighbouring towns of Karasuk and Bagan, in the heart of Siberia. Their task was to run a children’s programme in each town and to encourage the small local churches in whatever way they could.

An interview with a former Shamanist Buddhist who studied at OM Russia's Discipleship Centre. She is planning to join OM's Asia Challenge Team next year.

A short interview with Colin and Bron Cleaver, leaders of OM Russia about their trip to Karasuk this Easter, and how OM is helping support the new church plant there.

OM Russia organises a New Year (Narvus) celebration for Central Asians living in Siberia. They are not disappointed!

Former drug addict, Victor visits the institution for delinquent teenagers which he attended as a child to share the message of God's transforming love and power.

OM Russia organised a winter camp for teenagers near Novosibirsk. The main goal of the camp was to teach the teenagers to read the Bible for themselves, and for them to see the importance of doing that. The OM team also wanted to show them the character of God and to teach them more about themselves.

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