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A short introduction to Rustam and Lena, two unusual students at the OM Russia Discipleship Centre

With a heart to start a new ministry for children at risk in Novosibirsk, two Russian OMers set off to locate children at risk.

An Uzbek woman is stabbed by her husband and, during recovery in the hospital, personally encounters God.

Digging to disciple (19-Oct-2011)

OM Russia Discipleship Centre students dig a hole to store potatoes over the Siberian winter in an effort to cut costs.

Skiing for God (12-Oct-2011)

Lena Serdtseva trained in cross-country skiing and shooting, winning several regional tournaments. This summer, she learnt how to share the gospel through sports.

Twenty-two new students join OM Russia's six-month discipleship course.

Church planters Jenya and Nina regularly visit a local TB clinic in the village of Yarki, where many of the residents have given up hope.

When OM Russia planned the dates of an outreach to a village, they had no idea how significant the timing would be.

After a disheartening first day of children’s ministry, the OM Russia team prayed for breakthrough and were very encouraged by the results.

Graduates of the discipleship course returned last month to celebrate its anniversary. Now, 20 new students are set to begin this month.

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