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A girl named Anastasia, growing up between alcoholics and drug addicts, is reunited with her father who years before became a Christian.

From Russia to the world (22-May-2012)

Twenty students graduate OM Russia’s Discipleship programme with a heart for missions.

Letting go (25-Apr-2012)

An OM Russia Discipleship Centre tutor shares how a young boy came to know Jesus as his friend.

An Australian working with OM Russia shares about seeing God work in the lives of the students of OM Russia’s Discipleship Centre.

Sharing about freedom (03-Apr-2012)

Three patients in a hospital for drug addicts pray a prayer of repentance after hearing testimonies from students in OM Russia’s missions school.

Can God work in -30˚C? (30-Mar-2012)

An Australian who visited OM Russia in Novosibirsk shares his impressions of the ministry and the country.

Дети Риска (23-Mar-2012)

An interview in Russian with OMer Sasha Ivanov about OM Russia's response to the Children at risk living in Novosibirsk.

An interview in Russian about OM Russia's 10 day mission trips for the students of it's Discipleship Centre

An Uzbek woman looking for work in Novosibirsk, Russia, finds new life through the friendship of two OM Russia church planters.

Christians gather at OM Russia’s base in Novosibirsk to train and share ideas about how to best respond to the HIV epidemic in Russia.

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