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An OM Russia worker helps a young mother and her children living in a desperate situation.

Four years after a member of OM Russia befriended her, an Uzbek lady in Novosibirsk came to faith.

Почему я решил стать миссионером - свидетельство одного из студентов учебного центра, ОМ Россия

OM Russia leader Colin Cleaver discusses why he values the involvement of families in OM Russia’s ministry and encourages other families to consider missions.

OM Russia partners with local churches to respond to the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

A chain of events (01-May-2014)

Students at OM Russia’s Discipleship Centre help plant churches, start a rehab centre and begin a farming business.

OM Russia’s Business for Transformation ministry supports eight projects that empower locals through employment, while impacting the kingdom.

Learning by doing (27-Nov-2013)

Students of OM Russia's Discipleship Centre learn not only through theory but by hands-on practical experience.

Breaking the cycle (22-Oct-2013)

OMer Sasha looks for solutions to breaking the downward cycle of poverty, neglect and lack of education plaguing two disadvantaged families in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

A young couple who met on the Internet answers God’s call to missions to help others find Christ using their IT and web design skills.

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