OM Russia News

Milestone Graduation (05-May-2016)

31 students graduated from OM Russia’s Discipleship Centre

Reaching the unreached (04-Apr-2016)

Discipleship Centre students shared the Gospel with a group of unreached villages during a short-term outreach.

Imprisoned to be free (30-Mar-2016)

The story of Yury, who came to Christ in prison.

A kids camp touches hearts not only from kids, but also their parents.

A teenagers’ conference is an unique opportunity for teenagers to open up and look for wise advices.

Winter camp warms hearts (01-Mar-2016)

OM Russia organizes a winter camp for Siberian teenagers where they learn to always to trust God.

The church in Russia is facing a new threat-HIV/AIDS. OM Russia works in rehab-centres to show God's love and compassion.

Olga, from OM Russia, took part on a short term mission trip in the UK.

A testimony of an OMer involved in the "Children Аt Risk" ministry.

Ciara recounts a cultural experience right after she moved to Russia.

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