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Disable Kids' CampThis year was the second time that OM team members have travelled to Siberia to serve at a summer camp for children with disabilities. This camp, organized by other volunteers, is held in several locations in Russia and is an amazing opportunity to give these children a chance to spend a few days out of their home, to do things they never normally have the opportunity to do, and most importantly to share the gospel with them.

This year a lot of new children came to the camp. The world of these children are broadly very small. They spend most of their time at home as there are not a lot of facilities in Russia for people with disabilities. In their daily life, they often come across things they cannot do or participate in. They often are left outside the group. So the camp was a great way to show and let them feel love and acceptance.

During the camp, the children could do activities they normally would never do. Like wall climbing, developing photos themselves, sailing and paintball. It is a great way to let them grow in self-confidence and to let them experience that they can do much more than they think they can are able to. They smiled so much whilst they were doing these activities. Besides expressing their joy and excitement, often their smiles expressed confidence and victory as well. It’s wonderful to see these children grow in self-esteem while they were at the camp.

Through the Bible lessons, the children learned about the life of Daniel. They learned that God is Father, King and Savior and what this means for your own life. For some of the children it was the first time that they had heard about God. Other children were there for the second or third time at the camp and it helped them to get to know Him more. When one of the children came home after the camp, the first thing he told his mom was: God is Father.

As the world of these children is normally very small, they don’t meet many new people. Who will tell these kids about God? Who will let them know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives? This is the opposite of the message that people often communicate to them. This camp gives the opportunity to let them know the truth and we hope and pray that other children who are in the same circumstances also will get reached!

Are you praying with the OM team for these disabled children?

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