Reaching the Unreached people of Siberia.

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A time of repentanceWhat a beautiful place, rounded by mountains and the greatness of God’s creation. When you walk through the villages you understand when the Bible says nature declares God’s glory. Majestic is how the OM Russia team would describe that area in one word. Although the presence of the creator is all over the place, inside the tiny wooden houses there are people still slaves of worshiping the creation and not the Creator himself. They pray to the “spirits” of the mountains, fire, water and so on. Shamanism is still the local peoples religion, and hope is not part of their life. This is where our team means to spread the word of the living God, the only One.

The OM team has spent one week visiting villages in this area of Siberia. The aim is to take them to the same spot they have been, feel as they did, and then put the people from the villages on their daily prayers.

 On arriving, a village was visited, and the team split in pairs to knock doors and share the Gospel. Actually, they don’t knock doors, they open the doors and go inside the houses to see if someone is there. Culture there is a little bit different than what people are used to. Then three integrands of the team went to their first house. There were three ladies and a couple of kids. The Gospel was openly spoken about and two of them could hear about the Bible for the very first time. They did not have a clue about what the bible was. After telling what the Bible was about, a New Testament and Psalms copy was given to them and they loved it. They made clear they want from now on to know more about this book and about this God that created all the things and have never being created.

On another day, one of the pairs went to a very aged lady who was sitting on the “front porch”. She then invited them to have a cup of tea with her. They all sat in the kitchen and talked. She had already “given” her life to Jesus in other opportunity, but she did not really understand the message and she asked lot of questions. She also wanted one of the team guys to go over her house and see if there was something that she should give up on. He found some cult material and she put it away. So we prayed together and left this house.

So much more happened during door to door evangelism but there are more things the team did during the time in the villages. They also connected with a local church close to the villages, and supported the church as much as we could. This time, they helped during the services and lived with pastor’s family. So the team could cook, clean, fix the roof and do some practical things on the house and same time on the church as both share the same building.

Crossing the street there was an elderly nursing home. Some team members could go and sing songs, share the gospel and love the lovely people that live in that place. It was the fourth time the team visited the nursing home, and this time was different. The director of the home decided to give her life to Jesus. She was always present at all the programs, but this time she understood the message of the gospel and could not resist His grace.

Credit: OM International
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