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Workshop “A Christian view on HIV and AIDS”In new 2017 year, a two-day workshop “A Christian view on HIV and AIDS” was organized.

An organization team consisted of seven members, who had attended AIDSLink International's (ALI) Channels of Hope Facilitator Training©. It was the first experience for most of them to organise such workshop. The team worked hard and taught about HIV; gave statistic information about the prevalence of HIV in the world and our country; discussed the Christian view and explored the issue of stigma, which many people living with HIV experience. They also told about what attitude Christians should have towards HIV and people who live with HIV and AIDS. The team directed the participant’s attention to principles of serving people living with HIV such as

∙           ”receive others as Christ received”

∙           “serve God in practical demonstration of love and compassion”

∙           “protect worth and dignity of each person”, etc.

This year the topic of HIV was particularly addressed to the local churches, and 22 local believers participated in this event. Many of them shared that they knew almost nothing about HIV or the ways they could serve people who live with HIV and AIDS. The participants had an opportunity to apply their new knowledge into practice on the second day of the workshop. Each of them prepared a short session on the chosen topic and could demonstrate their gained knowledge.

The speaker from another city was invited. He shared his testimony about how he himself is living with HIV and gave many useful and expert advices, according to his own experience. At the end of this workshop, one participant expressed a desire to serve by offering post-test counselling in the future.

Each participant received a useful handbook which contains detailed information about HIV and a questions and answers page. It addresses some of the questions people living with HIV often have and ways to answer them. All participants left many positive recommendations and comments about the workshop and expressed a need in such workshops in their churches.

Credit: OM International
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