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Having funFor the first time in it's history, OM Russia, in cooperation with local churches, organised a day-camp for children from Central Asian families. The camp aimed to share the gospel with those who had never heard it, and teach the kids from Christian families the importance of being with God. 19 kids participated, and most of them were from families of church members.

God’s love was shown in every moment of the camp through games, shorts stories, cartoons, songs, etc. Kids became friends and began to trust each other. Many of them didn’t have such relationships before they became friends during the camp.

There were two girls from a Muslim family who heard the good news and experienced the love of Christ for the first time. They actively took part in the program. There was a special time for prayer on one day, and these girls pronounced a prayer of repentance.

When they came home, they shared with their mother the impressions that they got at the camp. They liked the camp very much and Anna* said, “They loved us and cared for us.” 

Their mother was surprised and answered, “I also love you and take care of you. I feed you, provide with clothes.” The girl continued, “If you mean that the love is enough in feeding and providing clothes, than we don’t want such love. We saw love there and would like to have it“.

Please pray for these girls and their family that they will have true love, which only Jesus gives.

* Name changed

Credit: OM International
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