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Alexei Notkin is a Russian team member of OM Russia and works as a tutor in the Discipleship Centre, a ministry that disciples young Russian Christians to enable them to grow spiritually and receive practical ministry experience. Some of the students go on to work in full-time ministry, others become missionaries either in Russia or elsewhere, while others become more active in their home churches. Recently Alexei wrote:

I am a person who suffers from the desire to control things. As a leader, it was very difficult for me to accept that my discipleship course students would be leaving on the upcoming ministry trip without me. I had to stay in the city for the day, so I set them to their tasks and they left. I felt uneasy having to relinquish control over the situation. However, I kept in contact with the team over the phone and the next day when I arrived to join them, I was overjoyed to hear what God had done before my arrival.

During the previous day, they went to visit the orphanage. Team member Rita led a session with the children there. They learnt how to make crafts out of edible sweets, and while they worked, Rita shared about how God created the universe and loves each one of us.

Most of the children were not well-behaved, but one little boy listened intently. His name was Dima and he sat next to Rita, listening and asking her to tell more about Jesus. He was serious, like an adult, and asked very sensible questions.

After telling him about Jesus, Rita asked Dima if he wanted Jesus to become his friend. Dima asked what he had to do, and then repeated a prayer with Rita and asked Jesus to become his friend. Dima found the most important thing in life: Jesus. Please pray for Dima to continue growing in his new faith.

It was difficult for me to give up control at the beginning of the ministry trip. Yet, I thank God for these young people He has entrusted to me to lead. After hearing what He did through them, even in my absence, all I can do is praise Him.

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