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MayaLike thousands of other Uzbeks, Ona* moved to Novosibirsk, Russia, in search of better-paid work. Ona not only found work, though; she also found Jesus through the friendship of two OM Russia church planters working to establish an Uzbek fellowship in the city.

After believing in Jesus, she attended the house church meetings and grew in faith. Last year, Ona returned to her native country. Not too long ago, she wanted to be baptised but found it difficult because of the persecution. So she decided to take things into her own hands. She got up early one morning, put on a white shirt, went into the shower and baptised herself.

Later that morning she called her friends at OM Russia to share about what she had done. They explained that usually pastors baptise people. Later that day she attended a secret Christian fellowship in a neighbouring town and talked with the pastor. He agreed to baptise her that afternoon—this time in the bath.

Since Ona has been home, two relatives have also come to faith. Her mother, however, is strongly against it. Ona plans to ask a few of the senior women in the church to visit her mother. Please pray that her mother will have the ears to hear Maya’s story. 

*Name changed

Credit: OM International
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