Reaching the unreached Yakuts and Evenki: Russia

Come and explore Father's heart for Yakuts and Evenki people stuck in shamanism and spiritism. Join in the wonderful opportunity to serve the most unreached that live in the Far East of Russia.

OM Russia works with the churhes in Yakutia that plan to run 3 projects. First one is called "Choose Life", it's the time to reach the children in far remote villages bringing them hope and joy through the camp. Second one is the English Conversation camp with the students at the university. A great opportunity to build relationships with the youth and share God's love. Last one is the united youth camp of all the churches of Yakutia. The team will help them to run this camp.

Dates:Sat 14 Jul 2018 – Sun 12 Aug 2018
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Cost:1,342 USD (participants from United States)
single people welcome married couples welcome sorry, no families groups welcome

Ministry Details

The whole outreach will start with a short orientation on the 15th of July and will finish with a debrief on the 11th of August in Yakutia.

Participant Profile

Flexibility and willingness to serve; you need to enjoy working with the children and youth. For English teaching you don't have to be a native speaker or a professional English teacher, but you need to be fluent in speech.


During the outreach you will be sleeping at the guesthouse of the church. In other villages at believer's homes or rented rooms. Please bring your sleeping bag and mat.


The food is traditional Yakut and Russian. If you have any allergies please inform us.


You need to fly in to Yakutsk (YKS) airport anytime on the 14th of July. And fly out from Yakutsk (YKS) airport anytime on the 12th of August.


You should be in a good health.


You most likely need a Russian visa. Unfortunately we can't send you the invitation letter. Please contact your local travel agency for more information. This website may also offer assistance:


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