Business 4 Transformation

The Business 4 Transformation (B4T) ministry exists to help church members and missionaries across Siberia to establish or expand businesses as a source of income. The ministry facilitates the development of businesses as a partnership between entrepreneurs, investors and the local church. The most important goals are to assist church members in the setting up, developing and running of a profitable business with the following outcomes:
  1. Business restores dignity through creating employment, ethical relationships and practices, and empowerment especially of the powerless.
  2. Business is about relationships: employers and employees, buyers and sellers, producers and consumers, suppliers and distributors — an arena where those who know Christ can share their faith in a natural context.
  3. Business involves stewardship through the products fabricated and services rendered, production methods, resources used, and handling of waste.
  4. Businesses contribute to society through business activities, community or social involvement, and in their participation in public policy discourse.
The B4T ministry provides or facilitates assistance to develop or improve businesses. The ministry includes mentoring of the business owner and frequent interaction to ascertain progress in the business and also in ministry. Business for Transformation was started in OM Russia in 2012 and to date has been involved in 8 businesses for church workers around Siberia. These projects range from a small card making business to the establishment of a new vehicle service centre.
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