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Children at Risk

Some families in Russia have nice apartments or houses. The parents send their kids to a school, gather to celebrate family holidays, and sacrifice to bring up their children as best they can. Their children have lives full of love, caring, learning how to live…

But there are some kids for whom life is much different. There is no caring family and no place to feel safe. They might find a place to sleep down the alleyways, behind the graffiti walls, next to the discarded alcohol bottles or, … perhaps, … in the decaying wood frame buildings scattered throughout the city. It is in these neglected and out of the way places that they lay their heads. They are teenagers without a family who cares. Furthermore, they are faced with scorn and persecution by government officials. Sometimes we talk about these children being ‘unwanted’ or ‘not needed’, but this is not the case. There are many predators in the city who want and need them: human traffickers, pimps and pedophiles who want to use them.

Typically children who have been on the streets for more than a year are already involved in street habits like sex and substance use. They don’t want to change anything about their lives.

No one really knows how many of these kids there are, exactly where they live or how they survive. We need to find out and show at least some of these children that there is a heavenly Father who also wants them in His family.

OM Russia strives to respond to the needs of children and teenagers at risk - to give them a chance of social acceptance, love, care, food, medical help, legal assistance and other, and to help the families of these children to learn how to build a healthy atmosphere of love and acceptance.

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