• Global AIDS Day
    Global AIDS Day Promoting AIDS/HIV victim awareness and compassion in Novosibirsk
  • Awareness
    Awareness Jenya, through his social organisation, gives awareness lectures in local schools.
  • AIDS education
    AIDS education Special care is given to educating Russian youth about the AIDS problem, how it spreads and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that reduces the risk of AIDS.

HIV/AIDS - Prevention and Support

“It is a sad fact in Russia that men, in particular, go to an early grave. On average a Russian man is lucky to make it to 60.  In the frozen heart of Siberia they die even younger - around 57.  Alcohol is by far the biggest killer. More than half a million Russians drink themselves to death every year.  But since the early 2000s, another killer has been spreading at frightening speed across Russia.  Actually there are two of them, one closely stalking the other. The first is heroin. The second is HIV.  In the US, there are around 800,000 heroin addicts. In the UK, between 200,000 and 300,000.  In Russia, there are now two and a half million.”  BBC Report, April 2010

Former drug addict and Russian OMer, Jenya Lyosov, heads up OM Russia’s response to this crisis.  To date he has organised a team of twelve local Russian Christians to go into schools, colleges and drug rehab centres to educate and warn young people about the dangers of drug addiction and HIV/AIDS.  The team gives lectures mixed with personal examples from their own lives.  Their words carry an authority which often has a great impact on their audience.   In conjunction with this education programme, the team also runs a regular support group for those already infected with the HIV virus.

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