Discipleship Centre

The Discipleship Centre is a joint project between the mission OM and the Evangelical Baptist Union of the Novosibirsk Oblast. The Centre exists to train, equip and motivate young Russian Christians. Our goals are to:

  • help Christians discover their gifts;
  • train them to use these gifts effectively;
  • motivate them to take part in God’s great commission, to see His kingdom grow locally, nationally and internationally.

We achieve these goals by running a six month residential course. This course is designed for both young men and women, is intensive, and, wherever possible, combines theory with practice.  

The students attend a variety of lectures and seminars in the mornings.  In the afternoons the students self-study, perform their practical duties around the Centre and prepare for ministry.  The evenings are generally free for ministry in local churches, further study and relaxation.

The Discipleship Centre program of study includes:

Lectures and Seminars Spirituality Ministry Practical Work
Interpreting the Bible Prayer Ministry in the local Baptist Church Cooking
Other Religions Worship Monthly outreaches to villages Cleaning
Evangelism Fasting 2 week missionary trip Handyman jobs
Leadership Tutorials Children's Club Serving eachother
Work with children and teens Memory verses    

Watch this video for an overview of the Discipleship Centre

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