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Welcome to OM Russia!

Latest News

During the outreach in a Tatar village, the team met an old woman near the well. The volunteers helped her and shared the Gospel. It was the first time in her life to hear about Jesus.

Children at risk participated in the kids camp, where they experienced a different sort of living from their everyday existence.

The kids camp for children from unreached peoples in Russia this summer aimed to bring truth to people whose mix of spiritual beliefs range from Buddhism to shamanism and everything in between. In connection with a local church, the OM team saw God's miracles at work, as well as the great need of His love and light.

This is about a camp for disable kids in Siberia. They often hear what they can't do; here we prove people wrong. Yes, they can do much more than they are told. But better, they can also know who is Jesus and be changed by Him.

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